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Carriage House Detailing Services located in Loveland Ohio, offers residents in the Cincinnati region quality detail services. Maintaining your vehicle’s exterior finish through periodic details is imperative to ensure that industrial fallout, brake dust, tree sap, scratches and other imperfections do not cause permanent damage. Leather needs to be maintained to prevent or minimize cracking. Plastics and rubber need to be protected from UV damage. Chrome and alloy surfaces need to be periodically polished to prevent pitting.




Our loyal customers know that periodic details performed by our professionally trained staff keep their vehicles looking and feeling new as well as extend the time that they feel excited about driving their vehicles. More importantly, a vehicle that has been properly taken care of over the years will sell for more money than it would if you neglected it. Carriage House Auto Spa helps to protect your investment!


Auto Detailing Loveland Ohio
Carriage House Auto Spa has been washing and detailing vehicles – from work trucks, daily drivers and luxury collectors – for years in the Cincinnati market. We are recognized for being the only express car wash and detailing company that uses equipment that is officially approved by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury automobile manufacturers. We also service some of the leading automobile dealers in the market.


To schedule your car detail please call 513-898-9654