Sustainable Business = Smart Business. At Carriage House Auto Spa, we are committed to giving back to the community. Unlike traditional fundraising programs with most companies, we make any fundraising program almost entirely effortless for any organization that chooses to work with us. Carriage House has invested in advanced merchandising, accounting and reporting systems to completely automate the fundraising process for our non-profit partners. Your non-profit organization simply promotes the program to your members, and the staff at Carriage House Auto Spa does the rest to manage your fundraising program!

To inquire about a fund raising program for your organization, please fill out this simple online form.
Qualifying Organizations:

  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Religious Groups
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Athletic teams
  • Any Non-Profit Organization

How it Works. It’s simple —  There are two ways to conduct a fundraising program with Carriage House:

  1. Use our Bay – Use our Self-Serve Bay to wash cars.  For qualified groups we will allow you to use our Self Serve bay for Free.  We provide the water, soap and chemicals.  You group can provide towels for drying.  We will even give you $1.00 off coupons for you customer to use next time as a thank you gift.
  2. Endowment Program — For larger organizations with 250 or more members, we offer Carriage House’s unique “Endowment Program”.   Each family or individual member of your organization is issued a special card that can be swiped when purchasing a vehicle wash. With each card swipe, we automatically credit your organization a pre-determined amount. This program works particularly well for groups with strong member affinities and that wish to create strong visibility about this unique fundraising program to encourage greater adoption. When we start your Endowment Program, each card is populated with one free car wash to encourage adoption.

How Your Organization Benefits.

  • Raise large sums of money quickly, with nothing to buy or spoil
  • Free your staff from order taking
  • Eliminate time-consuming call backs to deliver merchandise
  • Offer a quality product with a well-established and respected company
  • Provide your members something of real value for their contribution