Car Wash Services

SPA SERVICES & PACKAGES                 


We have thoughtfully designed the Carriage House Auto Spa to provide each client with a wide variety of vehicle wash options. All spa packages at our Loveland location are available 24 hours of every day.


Automatic Spas. Our “automatic” services allow you to remain in your parked vehicle in a heated wash bay while our advanced, contour-following equipment washes, rinses, protects and vortex dries the vehicle. We offer our “soft sponge” (touch) automatic options. Our “automatic” equipment also attends to those “hard to reach” areas, including wheel wells, under carriage, and wheels/tires.


  • “Soft Sponge” Spa. A deep cleansing vehicle treatment that actually buffs and clarifies luxury paints and finishes. The “Soft Sponge” system uses a proprietary Autec soft foam material to gently but effectively scrub away dirt without damaging even the softest European finishes (such as the Bentley Continental GT shown above).


Self-Service Spa. Our self service options allow you to implement a personalized vehicle wash solution using traditional self-service equipment. We also provide vacuums and free towels and cleaning supplies for interior cleaning.

All of our wash options accept cash, credit, our VIP card.