Frequently Asked Questions Carriage House Auto Spa

Can I really come everyday?

Yes! As a member, you can come in once per day. In fact, the record for visits is 28 times in one month! Most members use it about once or twice a week.

Is it safe to wash your car all the time?

Yes! Carriage House Auto Spa soft sponge technology that does not hold dirt and grime on the brushes. We apply state of the art chemicals to help protect and clean your car.

Do you close in the winter?

No! Winter is the best time to wash your car. The salt on the roads eats into your vehicle’s paint and contributes to a decreased life of your car. Our Spa’s are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

What if I have more than one vehicle?

Each membership is for a single vehicle.

Do I have to use a credit card or debit card?

Yes! We will the renew card or your choice on the monthly anniversary date.

Can I cancel anytime?

You may cancel any time after the third month if you received a discount on the first month.  If there was no discount you may cancel prior to the next billing cycle.   You must contact us 5 days prior to you billing date to cancel.  Billed amounts will not be refunded but your membership will be extended until the day prior to your next billing.

* Cannot be combined with any other coupons, promotions or discounts.